We work together!

 I am "client centered".  This means I respect each
client as the only authority on themselves!
Therefore, my clients and I join together prior to the experience of hypnosis in formulating directions for the sub-conscious mind (also referred to as ‘suggestions’) so the client is instrumental in designing the journey to life-improvement
and always aware of the process.

Wondering how well this all works?  My "guestbook" entries are unedited testimonials from my clients...
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Wondering how well this all works?  My "guestbook" entries are unedited testimonials from my clients...

Together, we can do it!



Hypnotherapy is the term used for therapeutic hypnosis.  This simply means using hypnosis to make positive life changes. 

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness where the doorway between the conscious and the subconscious minds are opened. 

This is a natural state wherein the critical faculty (the conscious mind) is bypassed and the subconscious mind is fully open then given direction to facilitate making desired life changes.  The opening of the subconscious mind provides a laser-like concentration on the subject of the desired change.

 Hypnosis involves the induction of a trance-like condition, wherein the client is actually in an enhanced state of awareness – a very high state of concentration; a state wherein the conscious mind “steps aside” and the subconscious mind is fully open. The subconscious mind is powerful.  It is the part of the mind that tells our lungs to breathe and our hearts to beat without us having to actually “think” about these activities. 

 Hypnosis does not involve the client being put into a deep sleep, and the client cannot be made to do anything they would not ordinarily do.   They remain fully aware of their surroundings and situation, and are not “at the mercy” of the therapist – but in a state of laser-like concentration and fully in control.  The important thing is understanding when you want to change a behavioral habit or addiction and are highly motivated to do so, hypnotherapy impacts the subconscious mind to make those changes naturally and easily.   In hypnosis, we simply give the subconscious mind permission and direction to use its power to make desired changes automatically.

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