Nell Stilwell
127 West Clark Avenue
Suite 214
Orcutt, California

(805) 264 - 7753

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Wondering how well this all works?  My "guestbook" entries are unedited testimonials from my clients...

You Can Make the Changes... I Can Help

Education and Training:

My BA was earned (Cum Laude) through Fresno State University and my Masters in Counseling (Magna Cum Laude) as well as my Professional Counseling Certification are from Capella University. 

My Hypnotherapy Training:

I investigated several 'training centers' and 'schools' (wanting a reputable upstanding school) -- finally locating the world-class Hypnotherapy Training Institute (HTI) in Northern California, a school fully accredited by the state of California for vocational education.

Through HTI, I earned my Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist,  and finally, my Clinical Hypnotherapist certification.

While attending HTI, I was exposed to EFT and have received training in this technique from several sources including the Gary Craig training series.

About me:

Simply put, I am a woman who in mid-life experienced a undeniable calling to help others in making positive life changes and healing.

Coming from a background of teaching, a belief that we are self-healing units, and a deep love and respect for nature, I decided to seek out and provide natural healing methods... and so here I am.

Although Hypnotherapy and EFT are now my profession, this is my calling. Helping fellow human beings in healing and making desired life changes is my life's work.   I am dedicated and passionate in what I do...
What I Do:

I provide Hypnotherapy and EFT sessions customized for each client.  I am a client-centered Hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner  meaning I listen to each client - and design each session centered around the individual client, their personal needs, beliefs, and desires.

I also incorporate teaching each client skills in  EFT providing a  highly effective self help tool they 'take with them."

Always available for pro-bono speaking to community groups as well as interviews, I strive to educate the community in EFT and Hypnotherapy.
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